Time: 2020-05-14 00:52

Upadates Maintenance on May 14

Dear players,

To give you a better game experience, we have scheduled for routine update maintenance on May 14, from 4:00 to 4:30 (server time). Please note that you will not be able to log in to the game during maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. Thanks for your understanding!



1. Swordsman Trial stages' difficulty and rewards are adjusted.

Now the Swordsman Trial will reset each month on the 1st. Players can challenge 6 floors per day and can spend Coupons to decrease stage difficulty. After clearing Fl. 150, the next reset will activate new difficulty.

Because Swordsman Trial is adjusted, the Swordsman Trial's related sub quests are adjusted. The Server Launch 7 days event change Swordsman Trial to Maze quests.


2. Changed each main character's skills so that each one has special features:

Red Flame Sword:

Specialty changed to when dealing damages, the damage dealt by this hero to the target in the future will increase.

Fierce Wind Shield:

Specialty changed to add shield to self at the beginning of each round, and add shield to 2 other teammates; Skill attack adjusted to add Damage Reduction and Taunt to self.

Azure Blue Edge:

Specialty upgrade to 3-star obtain bonus effect: when killing bleeding enemy, skill attack CD-1. When upgrade to 6-star obtain bonus effect: When killing poisoned enemy, Skill attack CD-1.

Staff of Earth:

Increase the chance for Staff of Earth to recover Rage.


3. Kirito [Newbie]:

Specialty changed to when teammate dies, recover HP and permanently increase ATK.


4. Bug fixed

Fixed the wiping bug in final stage of Cor Trail, EXP Trail, Mats Trail.



Support e-mail:


We are not the best, but we will strive to do our best.

Sword Art Online Operating Team

May 14

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