Time: 2020-09-11 00:11

Suggestion rewards for really GOOD ones

First we should thanks for all who love our game, but now we need your real help~~

To give all a better game experience and to make the game more funny, now we are looking for your suggestions about new systems or new optimization.

Rewards: Top 3 suggestions get AMAZING prizes (Like mentor title, diamonds, gems, shards, relic.. we will send according to your idea)

Please reply this post on Discord - Offline event channel directly to participate this event, you will have 5 days to share your idea, more details more better.

Please join discord first to participate. here is the link:

(Note: Please No buff/debuff/nerf suggestions, this kind of suggestion will be deleted )


For good communication, you need to write your suggestion in the following format:

Your in-game name and server: GHOST S100


Purpose: give more relationship between heroes

New system name: Bond


1. One hero should have at least two bond heroes.

2. Once you reach the bond requirement, you can active corresponding attribute bonus.

3. After actived, you can also get attribute bonus when the all stars of your team reach specified points

Rewards: attribute bonus


1. The icon for the hero should be grey, and it would be lighten when you own him.

2. The Purpose icon should be grey too, and it would be lighten when you active the bond.

3. The Purpose should obtain 10 levels, like  4 stars – 8 stars – 16 stars – 18 stars – 20 stars – 22 stars….



Contact me or PGM if you have any questions. Thanks


SAO operating team




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