Time: 2020-09-29 23:31

Offline event: first top up to get extra rewards

Daily event first top up to get extra rewards

1. Only counts the first top up rewards

2. You may only choose one of five rewards

3. You need to register on discord to participate in the event with the following format:

Discord link: Discord:

Server: S2

Character Name: Marsome

Date: September 30th

Rewards: Water recruit cards

*If you are a player who will be participating in 1st top up for multiple days submit your post on the last day of your top-up in the following format:

Server: S2

Character Name: Marsome

Dates: September 30th, oct 1st, october 2nd

Rewards: Water recruit cards sep 30th, attack gems lvl 3 october 1st, super ap potion october 2nd.

4. The amount of rewards is according to your first top up, below is the worth list.

Recruit Cards--->200 diamonds

each Gems--->Price in Shop in-game

Super Ap potion--->100 Diamonds

Gold fishing pole--->500 Diamonds

Bond materials--->Price in shop in-game

For example, if your first top up is 6000 diamonds, and you choose water recruit cards, then you can receive water recruit cards x30 (6000 diamonds value)

5. Event time is Sep 30th 00:00 to Oct 3rd 23:59 in-game server time,

6. Rewards will be sent within 3 working days after it ends.

Hope you enjoy .


Sep 30

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