Time: 2022-03-03 00:55

Server Maintenance on Mar. 3


We will perform maintenance at 2 AM on Mar. 3 (game time), It is supposed to last about 1 hour but may delay for unexpected issues, please be aware!
Maintenance Content: 
1. The Women's Day Special Event (Mar. 3 to Mar. 16)
2. Adjustment in Arena: Arena will be reset every week. Settlement time is from 11 PM Sunday to 1 AM Monday, players can not challenge during the time. After settlement, rewards will be sent according to the ranking and rankings will be reset.
3. Adjustment in Field Boss: Adds Elite Boss above level 80 Field Boss. Challenging Elite Boss has a much higher equipment drop rate than ordinary Boss, and it will consume more Boss Scroll.
4. Adjustment in Guild Boss: increase the HP of the guild boss, and adjust the damage reward related to the leader's level.

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