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Heroes have 4 kinds of Element; they are Earth, Water, Fire and Wind.

1. Awaken: awakening requires 4 kinds of materials which all can be obtained from the Main Quests Dungeon and the Hard Dungeon. Collect corresponding awakening materials to awaken.

2. Star Upgrade: star up is one of the fastest methods to increase BP; more stars and the corresponding Hero’s attributes will be higher.

Each Hero can have 6 stars, each star will require different amount of Hero Shards.

3. Skill:

Skill: When Rage reached a certain amount, can release Skill for limited number of rounds

Lethal Skill: requires certain amount of Lethal pts. And no limited number of rounds, release immediately

Passive: When awakening reached Purple, unlock the second passive skill

4. Training: activates at Lv42, use Training Ticket to train once. If you luckily obtain the Orange Training attributes, remember to lock it.


Battle Formation

According to Heroes’ different attributes, arrange different battle formations to deal with different enemies.


Gear System

1. Each piece of gear have own level, quality and exclusive bonus attribute. Quality from low to high: Green, Blue, Purple and Orange

2. Weapon can only be equipped by corresponding class Hero. Other parts are commonly used. Some pieces has set effect.

3. Gem System

Different body part’s gear can inlay different Gems, and each Gear can embed three Gems of the same attributes.

4. Refine Gear: Higher star level means higher BP.


Recruitment System

1. Recruitment system is divided into Recruit 1x and Recruit 5x, each recruit will use 1 Recruit Card first. Recruit 5x only allows Coupons.

2. In single recruit, every day’s first recruit will be 50% off, do not miss this.

3. Each recruit have chances to obtain rare SSR Hero; every 5 times Recruitments must obtain SR Hero, you should not miss that...


Boost System

Boost system is divided into Relic System and Talent System

1. Relic: Relic is divided into three cores: Battle core, Healing Core and Defense Core. Activate the core and stats require 10 kinds of Relics.

2. Talent: increase attributes that can affect the whole team.


Adventure System

1. Main Quests Dungeons

2. Hard Dungeons

3. Shard Dungeons


Trial System

1. Mats Trial: Drops lots of Intimacy Materials

2. EXP Trial: Drops lots of EXP Potions

3. Cor Trial: Drops lots of Cor

4. Extreme Challenge: Drops lots of Skill Upgrade Materials

5. Clearing Frontline: Drops lots of Gear Refine Materials



1. Rankings Arena

Show your strength in the Arena, everyday can obtain certain amount of challenge chances. If you are confident about your BP, come and test your ability.

2. Limited Time Arena

Reset every day, go!

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